Delicate Debbie, "The Bearded Lady"


Player: Charley

Playbook: The Manager

Hailing From: Gibsonton, Florida

Entrance: Flashing Lights/Lasers/Fog, Stripper Anthems, Diva Moves

Look: “Clearly a dude in a dress…”

Stats: Look +2, Power -1, Real +2, Work -2

Role: Heel


Butter Baldwin – The World’s Fattest Man

Tarika Kaur – The Illustrated Lady

Little Debbie – Tiny Bearded Lady


It’s been a long hard road for the beautiful madame behind Debbie’s Freak Show.
After being betrayed by former client Nick Sprein, Debbie had to pull every string and work every angle just to hang on… but now she has a new boyfriend/client, Butter Baldwin ‘The World’s Fattest Man, at her side.
Now she’s ready to rebuild the House of Freaks, get revenge on Nick, and lead her stable of wrestlers to domination of the LCF!

Delicate Debbie, "The Bearded Lady"

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