World Wide Wrestling: Left Coast Federation

Season 1, Episode 1
Live from the Chiles Center at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon

In the first match of the night, Butter Baldwin called Nick Sprein to task about leaving The Freak Show and disrespecting Delicate Debbie. Butter wasn’t able to put his money where his mouth was, though, and Nick managed to take him down despite Debbie’s interference, the sudden appearance of Gungnir, and a brawl midway up the entrance ramp.

Adele Cruz then announced that, in order to satisfy the questions surrounding the last match between Gungnir and Nick (in which Nick gave Gungnir a real-life injury that had taken Gungnir several weeks to recover from), Nick would have to face Gungnir in a tag-team match later that same night, with Butter Baldwin (and, by extension, Debbie) joining Gungnir’s side and only fledgling wrestler Connor Ferguson to help him.

Off screen, Adele apologized to Nick, noting that if "The Fucking Epitome" had shown up the second match wouldn’t have been necessary.

Backstage before the second match, Debbie made Gungnir an offer: to join The Freak Show as its’ “strongman”. Gungnir refused, saying that he ‘had no master but Odin’, and continued his preparations for the match.

In the final match of the night, after some brutal back and forths and at least one chair-related incident, Gungnir caught Nick Sprein in a brutal choke hold that left him unconscious in the ring.


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