Welcome to Season 1 of World Wide Wrestling: Left Coast Federation!

The World Wide Wrestling RPG is: a game of narrative professional wrestling excitement, action and drama. It scales well from 3-9 players. One player is Creative, tasked with booking the shows, introducing antagonists and coming up with basic storylines. The other players take on pro wrestling archetypes, called Gimmicks, and play their wrestlers through feuds, partnerships and betrayals. Everyone at the table is competing for that “top spot,” but they’re also working together to entertain their viewing audience!

The Left Coast Federation is: A medium-size professional wrestling promotion that tours college arenas and small sports venues in Washington, Oregon, and California. They have core audience of hardcore fans that’s surprisingly welcoming to new and casual fans, and while they haven’t been courted by any of the big cable networks (not that anybody but the Management knows about, anyway) they have a well-produced webcast that draws thousands of viewers each week and tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

World Wide Wrestling: Left Coast Federation

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