The King of the Road Tournament

The King of the Road is an honorific defended at each year’s live event of the same name. Wrestlers earn points throughout the year based on how many matches they compete in and how often they win (so wrestlers who travel and appear on multiple shows are generally the ones in contention). Points determine the matchups for King of the Road tournament, a single–elimination series of rounds culminating in a new King of the Road.

The King of the Road can also be challenged for the title mid–season by anyone with equal or more points than them at that time, which tends to become a major storyline when it happens.

Current King of the Road Title Holder: “The Epitome” Brady Miller

King of the Road Standings:

Custom Move – King of the Road:

  • Every match you wrestle on a Left Coast Federation show, gain 1 point.
  • Every time you win a match on a Left Coast Federation show, gain 2 points.
  • Whenever you’re on a show with the current King of the Road, and you have as many or more points than they do, you can challenge them for their title. Roll +Work.
    • On a 10+, the producers think you’ve earned it and Creative books you to win (this can still be swerved by later Moves).
    • On a 7–9, it’s the main event, but you’re booked to lose; you do gain +1 Momentum when the match starts.
    • On a Botch, something happens to keep your match from happening.

The King of the Road Tournament

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